The closest thing to standing on a beach in Baja, munching on mariscos with sand between your toes is biting into a Best Fish Taco in Ensenada. Only you don’t have to drive to Mexico for this taco – just the heart of Los Feliz. What you put in your belly is made right before your eyes. Soft, crispy crust surrounds tender morsels of fish and shrimp. Sessy lovingly handcrafts each salsa with the specific intention of complimenting the taste of our tacos. Topping it off with the magic cream is a must. What’s in it? Trade secret, but use your imagination. It’s not just about the food when you come to our place. From the moment you walk through our door, your senses are stimulated and your mind is at ease. After a warm “How the hell are you?” from Joseph, you can expect a lively chat. Even some good-natured ribbing while we cook your tacos. Let the magic of our tacos overwhelm your senses and engulf your better judgement in the sweet, sweet bliss of Baja.

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