Cool new food show. Watch the trailer!

This is the coolest new food show I’ve seen in forever and we are featured on it. Check out the trailer.

It’s called Locals Only

Locals Only: Official Trailer from Scott Bender on Vimeo.


Welcome to the official trailer for Locals Only. In this 83 second trailer you will get a summary of the episode to come (August 14th).

Locals Only is a show that will act as your food and travel guide to cities you may have never been, or to a city you currently live in. I have asked dozens of people what their favorite restaurants are and what their favorite things to do are. Then I tallied it up, chose the best, and looked at it from a backpackers point of view. Asking, what can I do, where can I eat, and how can I get the best experience on a reasonable budget? I want to show anyone who is willing what some of the best places are that most local people venture to, and help showcase it to the people who appreciate and enjoy food and travel. So, like I say, grab a beer, sit down, and enjoy.

Check out the teaser trailer as well:


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